Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a week of new things and extremes

© decoro creativity 2011
Shiny new shoes have been worn this week as schools return after the summer holidays.

© decoro creativity 2011
When the sun comes out, hats and suncream go on.

© decoro creativity 2011

and when the temperature is getting up to 40°C, then the pool is a must.

The heat is continuing until Sunday and might just break some local records. 

In the last few months many places around Australia and the World have been bearing the extremes that mother nature can bring. The heat maybe uncomfortable, but preferable to the vast flooding in Queensland (which will take many months, if not years to recover from) or the major snow storms continuing to hit large areas of the US. 

Tonight Queensland is bracing itself for category 5 Cyclone Yasi.

Stay safe, and spare a thought for those whose homes are not providing the security and reassurances that we normally take for granted.

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