Friday, February 18, 2011

inspiration: harry seidler

They are many places to find inspiration. What to do with that inspiration can sometimes come quickly, other times there can be many steps of development to not only come up with a design, but where and what it can be applied to.

Having in mind that Seidler like to connected the indoors with views to the outdoors, as was the case at Rose Seidler House which has large floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the bush, the product subject to the design became curtains.

He like to incorporate art to his buildings, so the aim was that the curtains could be seen in some small way be seen as a piece of art.

His commercial work were many high-rise buildings, I wanted to portray this grandeur of tallness.

I'm particularly fond of Australia Square in Sydney, and have lovely memories of taking my parents to the revolving restaurant at the top, which of course has some wonder views.  I also am partial to patterns, so the  lines from the window frames and waffle slab ceiling leapt out at me.

Harry Seidler & Pier Luigi Nervi, Australia Sq...Image by roryrory via Flickr

Turning these lines 180° created the pattern for the curtains.  The heading was kept simple and helped to emphasis the lines to create the tallness.

© decoro creativity 2011

Taking it several steps further can lead to a design that can be difficult to recognised from the original inspiration.  The curtains kept to the straightness of the lines, in this design those lines became more fluid and playing with colour creates new patterns within the design. 

© decoro creativity 2011
Don't you find it amazing that the same inspiration can result in drastically different results?

Have a good weekend.

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