Wednesday, February 16, 2011

incredible journeys: harry seidler (part 2)

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His designs were always forward looking. He thought that trying to preserve historical buildings on the facades, with modernism behind did not do justice to either element.

He won his first of five Sulman Medals (for outstanding architectural achievement) for this house. Soon he had many requests to design more houses, leading him to stay and add significantly to the Australian architecture landscape over a 50 year period.

The biggest impact he had was on the Sydney skyline – Blues Point Tower, Australia Square, MLC Centre, Grosvenor Place, Capita Centre, The Horizon, The Cove, Meriton Tower.

Australia Square, Sydney, designed by Harry Se...Australia Square, Sydney Image via Wikipedia

He broke new ground with Australia Square at 170m, completed in 1967. With new techniques, each of the 50 stories took just 5 days to put up: no scaffolding, light weight concrete. New design principles included:
  • The tower taking up just 25% of the site area, with the remaining public social outdoor areas
  • Large open foyer
  • Integrated art work
  • Circular building shape

Walking around the centre of Sydney the first 3 principles can be recognised in many of his buildings.

From researching Seidler's work this lead to inspiration, which will be the subject of another post later this week.

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