Friday, February 4, 2011

when to stop?

Last night there was some time without distractions. That is the benefit of being in someone elses house and babysitting a beautiful girl that quickly and easily goes to sleep at bedtime.

A recent addition to my collection is the rather lovely book by Orla Kiely called Pattern - I have yet to read many of the words, as there are plenty of pictures of her patterns that are a feast to the eye for a gal that loves colour and surface design.

Orla Kiely Pattern: Conran Octopus Ltd

I still did not succeed in reading many of her words: instead the cover gave me inspiration to do a little drawing.  The repetitions of the flower shape and its' roundness gave me a starting point.

Orla Kiely Pattern: Conran Octopus Ltd

I added my detailing to the petals and played around with ways to fill the areas with shapes and different pen strokes.  The flower was a bit lost floating in the middle of the page, so the stem grew down into a skirt of a long flowing gown (whilst also considering proportions).  It still did not feel complete, and the squiggles and stars I feel helps the composition, drawing the eye back round and up to the flower.

© decoro creativity 2011

Should I leave it there, should I add more? It can be hard knowing what to add, but harder to know when to stop.

You tell me, did I stop at the right point?    

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