Monday, January 24, 2011

rediscovering sydney

When we first moved to Sydney it was easy to notice the differences - the light was different, wildlife noises at dusk or dawn, the smell of the flowers, sound of rain on a tin roof, fruit that were once a treat are available in abundance, 'pinching chops off the BBQ' kookaburras, the big spiders ...

As time goes by, what was new becomes familiar and those differences become less noticed.

Yet if you stop, look up or down you can see new things, take a different way home or walk down a little side street you normal bypass, you can make new discoveries.  Soon, you too can uncover something new and enjoy that buzz you get when see something beautiful for the first time.

Sydney may have come last in Australias most livable capital cities (The Australian), but despite her faults there is much to love.  Here are some discoveries around Sydney.  What have you recently discovered in your home town?

Sydney Harbour Bridge
 © decoro creativity 2011

 The Hornby Lighthouse
© decoro creativity 2011

 Rose Seidler House
© decoro creativity 2011
In my front garden
© decoro creativity 2011

 Queen Victoria Building
© decoro creativity 2011
Royal  Botanical Gardens
© decoro creativity 2011

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