Wednesday, June 8, 2011

light me up

Hi there, it has been a while, how are you?
Well I lost a bit of creativity for a time, trust Sydney to help bring it back as currently she is all alight for the Vivid festival.

Customs House is taking on many forms from being set on fire, splatted with paint, filled with water before it comes gushing out, covered in fluro patterns, and crumbling down all before your eyes.

Many of the city buildings are lite up with changing colours and patterns.

A short stroll to Circular Quay will take you past more installations (many interactive) than we had time for, and views over to the Opera house decorated with constantly changing detailed 3D light projection.

Eating chocolate ice cream, watching the fire dance with the back drop of the Harbour Bridge, does Sydney get any better?
If you are in town, then the Vivid Festival is on every night starting at 6pm until Monday (13 June).  Wrap up warm though, Sydney is being hit with a rather cold winter wind this week.

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