Friday, June 10, 2011

a girl can dream

Which calming colour can bring you thoughts that whisks you away to some tropical waters lapping up over your toes as you wander along the shoreline of an exotic island somewhere far away from the chores and grind of daily life? 

Are you on that island yet?  Do you see it? 

Maybe you have dived into the warm waters, snorkelling over the corals you have immersed yourself in this colour.

A bit of green mixed with some blue, put in some white to lighten it up, is all it takes. No wonder turquoise is a colour equally liked by both males & females.

It is amazing how a colour can stir up a memory, or a dream, or change how we feel.  Yet there maybe some reading this who just don't feel the same reaction to this colour as I do - and that is fine, and that is part of what makes colour such a fascinating subject.   

turquoise on watson beach, sydney

tropical waters in maldives
tropical queensland waters

The winter chill is continuing, no wonder I am dreaming of an escape to somewhere warm dominated by turquoise.

Anyone else could do with a holiday?

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