Wednesday, January 11, 2012

inspiration: william morris

I can be a detailed person which is probably one of the reasons why I am drawn so much to the intricate work of William Morris.

1884 Wandle design from Iain Zaczek book 'William Morris'
An earlier post, inspiration: my back yard showed the inspiration and part of the creative development that forms the backdrop design of this blog.
Using a different technique to draw the same flower: drawing the flower without taking the pencil off the paper, and without looking at the paper. After enlarging the illustration and taking the outline of the pencil lines, you will see the results are very different.
© decoro creativity 2012
This was developed further with an influence from William Morris Wandle design for textile to create another illustration.

© decoro creativity 2012
Let the right side of mind be creative and you can explore so many avenues that it can be easy to get carried away. The difficulty is when you should listen to the left side of the brain of when to stop.

"Half of art is knowing when to stop"
Arthur W.Radford

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