Wednesday, December 29, 2010

inspiration: the back yard

Nature has done all the hard work to come up with organic shapes and wonderful colours to provide more than a lifetime of inspirations.

Just a few steps outside there are several trees in our back yard that during autumn look like they are half dead, then they come alive with an abundance of flowers to provide punches of winter colour.

Drawing the flower from many angles can lead to new shapes.   Many illustrations were created; the whole flower, or concentrating on different parts, or using different drawing techniques, can set up many paths to travel.

© decoro creativity 2010

One illustration took the back of the flower that was the outer bud - the star shaped part on the back of the flower that can be seen in the illustration above.  Taking it further by playing around with repetition, placement, and combining illustrations, travels deeper into the difference.

Now to the part of choosing which colour, mixing the paint and painting it - I find it fun and relaxing, but also at times frustrating.  Reminds me of a Monet quote "Colour is my day-long obsession, my joy and my torment."

© decoro creativity 2010
You may have noticed the blog background design is this one, but in a different colourway.  

Do you like them?  Would love to hear your thoughts - go on leave a comment...

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