Thursday, April 7, 2011

not wasting an opportunity

Recently things seem to have got in the way of up dating the blog. It started when I sat down to start a post a couple of weeks ago, found something out and ended up have a night never to forget.

There was a mad rush of grabbing food, toys and my 4 year old, into the car, then on the train into the city.  The destination was King Street, but other people were quicker and we ended up on York Street.  We joined the end of the of the queue and waited as it slowly moved forward.  At least our queue was moving unlike the one the other side of the road - they still had over 4 hours to wait until Apple started selling their latest gadget.
Trying to get into Red Eye Records

Then it was down to numbers, there was only a limited amount but there were all these people in front - would there be enough?  2 hours later (and still with a very patient good 4 year old), getting closing to the front, it was anounced there were 20 left.  Phew, only 5 people infront of me.

5 minutes later I was excitedly wearing my green band.

The Foo Fighters were in town and they were playing a gig.  These guys can fill the largest of stadiums up many times over, but that Friday night they were playing to just 600 people, and I was lucky enough to be no more than 3 metres away from Dave Grohl for nearly 3 hours. 

They rocked big time. What was inspiring to me, was that they looked to be enjoying every single moment - I've seen some big names who turn up on stage, looking like it is was the last place they want to be - but when the Foos were smiling, giving it their all, carrying on when the equipment failed, it all added to the experience.

And if this was not enough, they played in Auckland to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake and in Brisbane for the flood victims there.  Even if you don't like their music (why?), you have got to admire these guys.  And if you do like the music, then the album is out tomorrow in Australia, and if you can't wait then you can hear it now Wasting Light

Find something you really love to do, and don't waste an opportunity.

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