Saturday, April 9, 2011

end of term + easter creations

Yesterday was the last day of term and my daughter had her Easter parade, for which she had to come up with an Easter hat.

I had hope she would make it all by her self, but she was clear that it had to be made out of fabric, like last years, but different.  Which meant, as she is not able to operate the industrial sewing machine or complete any hand stitching this side of Easter, I would be the one making it.

'Ok, so what do you want?' I asked. Maybe I should not have asked that, like I said before she has some clear (in her mind) and very set ideas.

Trying to describe the hat, I was not always sure what she wanted, so she was asked to draw it. The little designers' mind set to work.

She choose the colours, watched the making and oversaw the all design decisions along the way.  It may not be the most fashionable of designs, but who cares?  For her, she got to see her ideas come to life and to wear them!  It is also a wonderful reminder that as a child, their minds are so creative, and that as adults we should try to free our minds as much as they do.

leading the Easter Hat Parade

And the day before: the tired walk home, leaving Mum to carry her school bag

Have a wonderful Easter holidays

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