Wednesday, April 20, 2011

an easter feast

continuing yesterdays taster of the Sydney Easter Show.

My children now think that I can produce something similar for their birthday - at least their birthday parties are towards the end of the year, so hopefully they will have forgotten just how fantastic these creative cakes are.

feeding the animals

A very sharp, shiney axe plus muscles, they made it look easy.  I know I could not do the wood chopping without losing a few toes.

A large display of photos and paintings. There were many that caught my eye, including this one that the style reminded me of some of Margaret Preston's work (a influential Australian artist from 1920-1940s)

Then onto the main arena where the country battled and won against the city in the Rodeo.

A brief history was portrayed of when the postal system in this vast land was delivered by coach and horse - those were the days when post had a much greater importance as a form of correspondance than it does today. Sometimes a coach would set off without a bag of post.  It was up to the skilled stockman (a lone horseman) to gallop, catch up with the coach and throw the swag onto the coach.
3 man teams from 4 of the states and territories competed in races to portray the stockman's job,  finish off carrying the Australian flag around the stadium.

fireworks and lasers rounded the evening off.

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