Friday, March 11, 2011

8 legged homes

Another sign of autumn are the number of spiders spotted around our garden - if they capture insects, especially mossies, stay out of the house, they are earn their keep to stay!

st andrew's cross spider
© decoro creativity 2011
Ok, they are not cute or cuddly but the St Andrews spider has some lovely colours and pattern markings.

leaf curl spider
© decoro creativity 2011

golden orb weaving spider
© decoro creativity 2011
The golden orb has been around since about mid summer, however now along with their webs they have got much bigger - the little packages on her web are past meals to show off how good she is at catching her dinner.
© decoro creativity 2011
I wonder what is hiding in there?  On second thoughts, when they hide in holes that is where they can stay.

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